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Our Charity

In accordance with the MPHMUN 2019 conference theme of “Sustaining Our World” and due to the impending climate change crisis, we have selected Conservation International as our official conference charity. Put simply, if humanity does not address the climate crisis, nothing else will matter.

Conservation International is a top-rated environmental organization that combines fieldwork with governmental consultancy and scientific investigation on an international scale. They work to mitigate the forces that lead to deforestation and other unsustainable practices by working with local businesses, organizations, and governments to create an environmentally-friendly path towards prosperous economic development. Since its establishment in 1987, Conservation International has worked to protect over 2.3 million square miles — almost twice the size of India — of land and sea in over 70 countries. CI helps 12 million people in their efforts to sustainably manage almost a billion acres of land, rivers, and oceans. CI scientists have published over 750 peer-reviewed articles in top-ranked scientific journals. They currently work in more than 30 countries with 2,000 partners across the globe.

To learn more about Conservation International, please visit or explore the resources linked below. We will be conducting flower sales and “jar-wars” to raise money as in previous years. We ask that delegates be prepared to donate as much as they are able to.

Helpful Resources from Conservation International:

  • Conservation International’s Carbon Footprint Calculator
    • Calculate your personal or family’s annual carbon footprint and discover the price of offsetting these emissions. Helpful tips to reduce your footprint are also provided.
  • Climate Change: 11 Facts You Need To Know
    • Many of the most important, yet least known, facts & figures about the issue.
  • Partnering With Communities
    • See how Conservation International cooperates with, trains, and learns from indigenous groups in their land preservation. In doing so, they advocate for and seek to protect indigenous rights and other vulnerable groups.