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Digital Etiquette

This year, MPHMUN 2020 will be taking place in a virtual setting. Because of this, we have anticipated confusion over what proper decorum will look like, and how it will differ from that of an in-person conference. Below we have listed rules to help delegates understand expectations surrounding their conduct and conference environment this year.


  1. Background and Lighting

Your background is reflective of you as a delegate as well as your school. Make sure yours is neat and that you are facing a window or are exposed to plenty of light. Chairs and other delegates should be able to see you clearly. If you prefer to use a virtual background, this is acceptable as long as the background is neat and appropriate, and that you are clearly visible while the background is on. You may also use your country’s flag as your background. Please note, however, that using backgrounds can cause audio and visual lag, so we recommend that you do not use a virtual background if you can avoid it.


  1. Sound and Microphones

While in committee, it is paramount that we maintain decorum just as if we were all together in person. Keep your mic muted unless you have been called upon by your chairs to speak. When you do turn your mic on, the only noise the committee should be able to hear is your voice. Make sure you are speaking loudly and clearly. Headphones with built-in microphones will help to block out background noise, so if you have access to those, please use them.


  1. Dress Code

Since we will not be in person this year, the dress code will be somewhat relaxed. For a full description of our dress code, please see here.


  1. Timeliness

As with an in-person conference, timeliness is of utmost importance. Be sure that you are showing up on-time for every committee session. If you do join late, do not announce your presence audibly. Instead, send a private chat to the chairs to let them know that they should mark you as present or present and voting.


  1. Cameras

Your camera should be turned on at all times. If you are having technical problems and cannot turn on your camera, please send a private message to the chairs letting them know. However, the expectation is that all delegates will have their cameras on. Other delegates and your chairs will find you much more compelling if you can be seen. If you need to step out for a moment to use the bathroom or get a drink, please send a private message to your chairs letting them know first.


  1. Zoom Names

Please change your zoom name to your country’s name when you enter committee. This will make it easier for delegates to identify and message you during committee.


  1. Food

Because of the virtual setting this year, food will be allowed in committees. Please limit this to small snacks and do not eat while you are talking. Snacks should not be distracting to other delegates.


  1. Attentiveness

Delegates are expected to be attentive at all times during committee sessions. You should not be on your phone, playing with a pet, or engaging in any other distractions. Act just as you would at an in-person conference.


  1. Using the Internet

It is unrealistic to expect chairs to be able to monitor delegates’ use of technology to look up information during committee. Therefore, this year we will allow delegates to do so. However, delegates should make sure to use this tool wisely. While you are using the internet, you may miss important points that other delegates make. Just as is expected in position papers and resolutions, delegates should not plagiarize sources, and should not be reciting any information they find word for word without stating sourcing.


  1. Overall Conduct

All delegates are expected to act professionally throughout the conference, both in committee and outside of it. This includes acting respectfully towards chairs, staff, and other delegates, writing appropriate notes, maintaining decorum during committee sessions, and engaging in no cross-talk or other distracting behaviors. Delegates will be warned the first time they engage in conduct unbecoming of a delegate and asked to leave if they repeatedly do so.

MPHMUN chairs and Secretariat reserve the right to remove anyone who is violating these rules from committee.