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Virtual Procedure

Please note that all procedures are tentative, and may be updated as we approach the conference date. Delegates should make sure to check back with this list closer to the conference. Some of the Zoom features we are using in our conference were added in it’s most recent update. Please make sure that your Zoom updated to the latest version by the date of the conference. For more information on how to update Zoom, please see our delegate resources page here.


Zoom Names

Delegates should have changed their zoom names to their country names. For more information on how to do so, please see our delegate resources page here.


Crosstalk and Mics

Please stay muted unless you have been called upon to speak by the chairs. If a delegate speaks out of turn, the chairs will mute them and remind them to stay muted unless it is their turn to speak.



Instead of noting the proposed motions and speakers lists on a whiteboard, chairs will use a running google document that they will share with the committee along with the rest of the necessary documents at the beginning of committee. Delegates may open this in another window and refer to it as needed.



After the first topic is set, chairs will share a link with the committee that will bring them to a google drive folder with resolutions for the first topic. The committee will then set a reading period for 15-20 minutes based on its size. Once the delegates have set a base resolution, the chairs will change the sharing permissions to allow those with a link to comment friendly amendments. Blocs will then have one person accept the amendments on the document.


Speakers Lists and Moderated Caucuses

Delegates will use the ‘raise hand’ feature on zoom when they want to speak or be added to a General or Secondary Speakers List. Once they have been called on, the chairs will lower the delegate’s hand. When the chairs will no longer be expecting speakers, they will notify the committee and lower all hands. If delegates want to be added to the general speakers or secondary speakers list after chairs stop adding speakers, ask them to send you a private message. Chairs will keep their mics on while delegates are speaking, and will give delegates either gavel taps or verbal notices when their time is close to being or has expired.


Unmoderated Caucuses

When the committee passes a vote for an unmoderated caucus, chairs will create a certain amount of breakout rooms for delegates to use to speak with their blocs and other delegates. Once this feature has been turned on, delegates will be able to see what delegates are in what breakout rooms and move between breakout rooms freely using the feature at the bottom of their screen. A running timer will countdown until the caucus elapses at the top right corner of the delegate’s screen. Delegates will be automatically pulled back to the main session when the unmoderated caucus elapses. For more information on unmoderated caucuses, please see our delegate resources page here.



When it is time for a committee to vote on any matter, procedural or otherwise, the chairs will release a poll and clarify the motion that is being voted upon. A small window will pop up on each delegate’s screen prompting them to vote either ‘For’ or ‘Against’ on a procedural matter, and delegates who were marked present may also vote to ‘Abstain’ from final voting matters. All delegates must vote on every matter. When the poll is finished, the chairs will release the results to the committee and determine whether the motion passed or failed. For more information on moderated caucuses, please see our delegate resources page here.



Delegates will be using the private chat function to send notes. Please keep your notes appropriate. Chairs will be reviewing private messages following the first committee session and will report any inappropriate behavior to the Secretariat. If any delegate has been found using any inappropriate language or is harassing other delegates through the chat, they will be disqualified from award consideration.



If a delegate needs to use the bathroom, they should turn off their camera and mic and send a private message to one of the chairs letting them know. When a delegate returns, they must turn their audio and camera back on.