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Position Papers and Resolutions

Position Papers

Delegates in MPHMUN 2020 committees must submit a position paper for at least one topic in resolution-style committees and for both topics in crisis or specialized committees to be considered for an award. Position papers are a summary of the issues presented in a topic and the delegation’s position on the topic. For a sample position paper, please refer below.



Most committees at MPHMUN 2020 (excepting the Security Council, the Council of Baltic Sea States, and Ending the Raj committees) are run resolution style. This means that the solutions delegates debate in committee will be listed in resolutions that delegates in each committee will submit ahead of the conference time. For a sample resolution, please refer below.



The deadline for resolution and position paper submission is 11:59 PM on Thursday, October 22nd. Delegates can submit their resolutions by emailing their document to their committee email with their delegation, name, and school as the subject line. If you are in a resolution-style committee, make sure to have separate documents for each of your resolutions and name each document after your delegation, specifying in the email which resolution is for which topic. Committee emails can be found under your committee heading here, or in the preface section of your chair letter. If you encounter any problems, please alert your chair prior to the conference for an alternate solution. For a sample submission, please refer below.


Sample Position Paper

For a sample position paper, please see this document.


Sample Resolution

For a sample resolution, please see this document.


Sample Submission