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Committees and Topics

Please direct committee-related questions and position paper and resolution submissions to your committee email. More information on resolutions and position papers are posted here.


Committee: GA

Topic 1: Addressing the Threat of Cyber-Physical Attacks

Topic 2: Managing Cities to Handle Migrants

Chair Letter


Committee: ECOSOC

Topic 1: Economic and Social Welfare Recovery Strategy Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Topic 2: Facilitating the Transition from Manual Labor to Automation

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Committee: DISEC

Topic 1: Responding to Civil Unrest

Topic 2: Combating Cartel Violence in Latin America

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Committee: WHO

Topic 1: Safety and Ethics Around Infectious Disease Research

Topic 2: Mitigating the Effects of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Globally

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Committee: UNEP

Topic 1: Managing Invasive Species

Topic 2: Adverse Effects of Marine Urban Sprawl

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Committee: UNICEF

Topic 1: Child Rights in the Judicial System

Topic 2: Reproductive Rights for Youth

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Committee: Security Council

Topic 1: Addressing Human Rights Violations in Venezuela

Topic 2: Mitigating Foreign Intervention in Elections

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Committee: Council of Baltic Sea States, 2015

Topic 1: Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic Region

Topic 2: Environmental Concerns in the Baltic Sea

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Committee: Ending the Raj, 1947

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