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Meet the Secretariat

Katie Sullivan, Co-Secretary-General

Katie is a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill interested in studying foreign service and international relations in college. Katie joined the MPHMUN team as a freshman searching for a serious academic challenge and a regular opportunity for debate, and in MPHMUN she found both in spades. Between the public speaking, the problem-solving, and the friends she’s made all over the world at conferences, Katie has found a real passion in Model UN. Outside of MUN, Katie enjoys dancing, studying languages including Arabic, Latin, and Greek, and discussing literature, politics, and feminism. Katie has had a blast preparing for MPHMUN 2020, and she’s excited for a great conference!




Maya Heimes, Co-Secretary-General

Maya is a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill and is looking to study international relations, human rights, and gender studies in college. Maya joined the MPHMUN team as a freshman to gain more information about current events and the United Nations. While the information is a very important part about MUN, Maya has found a love for the team, their values, and being able to form new connections among schools and countries. Outside of MUN, Maya likes studying feminist philosophy, volunteering with the Refugee and Immigrant Self Empowerment organization, and playing with her pets. Even with the setback of having an online conference, Maya is very excited for MPHMUN 2020 and to be able to connect with the MUN community!




Victor Attah, Co-Under-Secretary-General and Chair Director

Victor is a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill hoping to study chemistry, molecular biology, and the pharmaceutical sciences in college while also exploring his interests in political science and economics. Victor joined the MPHMUN team as a freshman without any prior knowledge about MUN, or how the United Nations even worked. Since then, he has enjoyed coming up with innovative solutions and delegating in conferences in Mexico City, Montreal, and New York City, and has also enjoyed charing at MPHMUN for the past 2 years. Outside of MUN, Victor plays basketball, loves practicing his Spanish skills, and analyzing the intricacies embedded in films and popular music. Victor is looking forward to helping run a successful MPHMUN conference and has thus far enjoyed collaborating with other members of the Secretariat and his co-Chair Director Genevieve Morrow.




 Farouq Alsalih, Co-Under-Secretary-General

Farouq is a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill interested in studying medicine, chemistry, and microbiology in college. While Farouq’s main interests lie in those fields, he’s also taken an interest towards film and literature. Farouq joined the Model United Nations team as a freshman not knowing what MUN and the UN were, and how they were related. As a freshman, he wanted to improve his public speaking and found that Model United Nations was a unique opportunity to do so. While Farouq enjoys researching topics and brainstorming solutions for them, what he finds most intriguing and fun about MUN is cooperating with other delegates and creating a working product that they are all proud of. Outside of MUN, Farouq buys computer parts and peripherals and sells them in fully built custom PCs either locally or via shipping. Aside from this hobby, he enjoys practicing his Spanish and taking on responsibilities in the Student Council. He’s excited for MPHMUN 2020 and looks forward to hosting an amazing conference.